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Life as tenor
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Huddling around the tenors in a circle is an emotion that few people can feel, but if you ever have the luck to meet "Populos Tenore Nugoresu" and you will be able to gently approach their art, surely they will allow you and then your voice (hoping to be able to sing in tune) will merge into a harmony that will make your soul vibrating. Only then you will understand the value of this tradition and the magic of the circle.
One evening this happened to me. I was invited by the " Populos Tenore Nugoresu " to document a "rehearsal" in which the four members of the group shared the singing experience with different friends who, in turn, got into the circle bringing special tone nuances or dancing following the rhythm of the choir.
Bobore misu boche ( half voice) of the group, told me the peculiarity of this art, among the most representative of Sardinia, during the collection of organic apricots for his market.
We could be talking and writing for decades on this type of song "whose origins are likely lost among the stones of the nuraghi" [1], but they are proud to say that this singing custom is more alive than ever.  A young blood growing number huddle round educating the vocal cords to emit the typical guttural sound and the mind to interpret texts with an high poetic content.
The feature that makes the tenor song always up-to-date is its informative function. Before the media arrival the tenor had the task to inform people because they could tell the events of the village in a socially acceptable way and shared by everybody.
This function has not totally disappeared even if the majority of the groups prefer to use “repertoire” songs. However any text suitable to be interpreted in "tenor” can get a typical Sardinian taste, even songs or poetic texts belonging to the modern and international repertoire, as for example the verses written by French poet Paul Eluard reinterpreted by " Populos Tenore Nugoresu". They are inspired by ideals of liberty and fraternity, universal issues that unfortunately still needto be encouraged by the convincing tenor singing.
The song you can listen here after is an original " Populos Tenore Nugoresu " interpretation of the poetic textLibertade” written by Paul Eluard. The song includes thecanto a sa seria” and “ballu tundu: this second part, easily decipherable by a sudden change of time, is necessary to accompany the dance done in circle, the "round dance". The first part is freer of rhythmic patterns and characterized by the personal interpretation of the lead singer. The text is translated in Sardinian.
Thanks to: "Associazione Populos Tenore Nugoresu", Paolo and Monica of Sos Canarios