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The secret of Ganges
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Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - story board n.8 travel in India

When I arrived in Varanasi I did not understand the importance of this river. Now, after some days, I can perceive clearly its power. The Ganges or Divine Mother, as they call the river here in Varanasi, is the hub of this magical city. It seems that the city lives in function of the river, which embodies the life and death of the Indians people. The activity at the edge of the Ganges is intense and uninterrupted. Its waters are thousands of years the safe of all the prayers and all the mantras of the Indians and their deaths. Can you imagine that power?  ITALIAN VERSION

For some people it is hard to believe, but water has a memory! The
japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, recently died, discovered it:  He has shown that water crystals take different forms according to information they receive. So, the reaction to the word "I Love You" is a crystal form homogeneous, perfect, like a mandala, while the word "I hate" is a crystal amorphous, irregular and without any grace. (o learn more, I recommend watching this movie). Now, taking this knowledge, it is easy to see that, we are made for the majority of water, so we can modify our cells simply informing them the right way, through positive words, healthy places, healthy activities, good companies and good music! More we can stimulate the cells of those who are close to us through compassion, affection, generosity and other virtues.

So I and Federico did not hesitate to bath on this sacred river. Some residents of Varanasi do it every day, other Indians travel miles to bath at least once in their lives, and many people drink its water! Ganges is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. But the light, you know, always wins versus darkness.

And so I leave this city, dipping my body in this magic river and informing its crystals with my intentions and with the sound of my Hang Drum. Thanks Ganges, thanks India.

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